At Highland Sod Farms, we understand the importance of quality products, timely installation, and customer service, and we know how important your clients are to you. You can trust that we will try our best every time time to care for your clients like they're our own, and that we have got you covered when you need sod now. 

We offer a special rate on sod for professional builders and landscapers which allows our contractor partners to offer sod to their clients at an affordable price while still turning a profit. We know you know what you're doing, an we are here to help. In addition, our pallets cover more ground than our competitors. It's in the math, we offer more square footage per pallet which typically puts us at the same price or better when comparing apples to apples. Our pallets are 70 square yards of neat, easy-to-install rolls; our large rolls are 50 square yards.

FOR THE PROS: WE love working with builders and landscapers

With Highland Sod Farms, giving your clients beautifully sodded lawns is easier than ever. We offer both big and small rolls; big rolls are cut especially for the professionals. You'll need a skid load or the like, and then an attachment for your equipment to lay sod in record time. We care about your success, and are happy to help in any way we can. Call the office at 270-769-1005 to set up your contractor account this week. Building relationships is important to our business, and we are here to help you.




If  you're covered up and don't have the time or the resources for your team to install your client's lawn, we've got you covered. Typical installation takes 24-48 hours once your job is on our schedule weather permitting. We can sometimes accomodate last minute calls for installation, but a week's notice is preferred to get your job on the schedule. 


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Scheduling an estimate for sod has never been easier. We are located in Elizabethtown and deliver sod from Louisville, Kentucky, to Nashville, Tennessee, and everywhere in between. Call the office today at 270-769-1005 or fill in the blanks below and we'll get back with you within two business days. 

Thank you for reaching out. We're so glad you've contacted us, and we'll get back with you within two business days.